Hello and welcome 2012!

We hope you all had a restful and joyous time during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

It’s a fresh new start and an opportunity for change and improving our lives, and, for many, this desire is expressed in the form of New Year resolutions (However, over 40 percent of resolutions will be broken before the end of January*).

According to a research commissioned by a well known insurance comparison website, sorting out finances and cutting back on outgoings tops the list of New Years’ resolutions for 26 million Brits in 2012. It appears that financial worries and the prospect of a double dip recession have relegated more traditional resolutions such as losing the holiday weight and giving up smoking.

*For the full report click here






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If you are having trouble keeping your resolutions let technology help!


Top executives’ resolutions for 2012

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  1. Very nice post plus interesting links! I like it :)

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