wealthnews of the week!

Happy Friday dear readers!

We’re finally there; the end of the week is very close. According to the weather forecast we can expect sunshine this weekend in London but we’ll see when we get there. Let’s just hope for a relaxed weekend. Whether you’re already in weekend mode or still working through the paperwork piling up on your desk, let’s have a look at some interesting wealthnews of the week.

We learned this week that even the European titan Germany is struggling as the growth in the German economy slowed sharply between April and June and was weaker at the start of the year than previously thought.

The big question after Google’s Motorola Deal is what happens to RIM? Is it left in ‘No Man’s Land’?

 Personally, my favourite news this week comes from American fashion company Abercrombie and Fitch (listed on the New York Stock Exchange, turnover of $3.5bn (£2.1bn) in 2010.): The  company has offered to pay the rowdy, hard-partying cast of MTV reality show The Jersey Shore not to wear its clothes. Apparently, the brand defined as “rooted in East Coast traditions and Ivy League heritage” and “the essence of privilege and casual luxury” does not go very well with fake tan.

The Debtwire Germany Forum 2011, 22 September 2011, in Frankfurt is coming up. For more information and to book tickets, please go and visit: http://www.mergermarket.com/events/1128/

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